Hi! I’m April Stroink

Financial Expert • Creator of the Money Fix • Profit First Professional

I’m a money coach and advisor for individuals and entrepreneurs who want clarity, ease and abundance with their finances.


You need to know this:

I’m not your father’s financial advisor.

I’m a money coach – a supportive guide to help you understand and feel confident about your finances and future goals.

As a certified Profit First Professional and a financial advisor for over 25 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people and small businesses level-up their finances through workshops, group programs and one-on-one coaching.

I combine this financial expertise with my own experience of digging my family business out of debt and financial chaos.

I’ve been in your shoes.

And I’m here to help you walk a new path to financial ease and freedom.

Does this sound like you?

You work hard and make good money… but you’re still living paycheck to paycheck. You can’t seem to get ahead.

The money stress causes you sleepless nights (and strains your relationships).

You want to find a better way to manage your debt and save for the future.

AND… above all, you want it to be easy.

Do you want to feel ease and calm around your finances?

Sound impossible? It’s not.

I know it’s not, because I’ve been in your shoes…

As an entrepreneur who’s operated and sold several profitable businesses, I’ve had the same challenges and dreams.

I’ve navigated the highs and lows of owning a business and managing household finances.

Many years ago I took over the reins of our family’s outdoor retail chain. On paper it looked pretty profitable. But in reality, we had our struggles, like most small businesses.

We needed a system to plan for our expenses, our cash flow and our taxes.

We wanted to pay ourselves regularly, while keeping our family business and household finances separate.

It was complicated.

There were periods where I felt like our finances were in absolute chaos.

We had a lot of sleepless nights as we weathered economic downturns, changes to tax laws, personnel challenges, and the stresses of day-to-day family life.

But, in a few short years, I discovered a new way of managing our business and household cash flow and spending. I completely transformed our business’s profit margins.


Our family business improved to the point where it was VERY lucrative, and we ultimately sold it. And shortly after that, our household became debt-free. We celebrated with a pre-paid trip to Greece! Opa!


Our spending plan helped us save enough money to PREPAY for a dream trip for 4 to Greece.

What’s YOUR dream?

But here’s the thing…

Throughout the financial transformation and paying off debt, we NEVER felt restricted about our money. Even though we were managing our spending and savings, we ONLY felt freedom and abundance. And that’s when I knew I had found something very special.

Once I discovered the right tools to create financial ease and calm in my family and our business, I began sharing these systems to help others calm their own financial chaos

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