2023 is drawing to an end……and the cashflow chaos you vowed to change this year is no better, if not worse.

You even created a BUDGET for 2023 and really made a solid effort to make it stick.

To no avail, you now sit with your list of 2024 resolutions and guess what is on it once again this year????? Taking control of your finances!!!!!!!

Are you getting sick of this cycle yet? (Check out the Anti Resolution Workshop)

Before you delete this email to go back and revisit your 2023 budget to see where it all went wrong……………………I want you to consider that the tool you are using is broken.

I’m no different than you!

The reality is, budgets don’t work long term for 79% of people!!!

This means, if you are failing at budgets, you are with the majority of people whom are unable to use this tool effectively. It’s the budget, it’s not you!

Budgets, much like diets, seem promising on paper, but reality often throws us a curveball.

So, let’s be real; sticking to a budget is like trying to stick to a diet—challenging, frustrating, and often leaves you craving a financial or culinary indulgence.

And if you have attempted budgets in the past (I mean, who hasn’t), you probably know that I’m right.

Sure, you had good intentions to track every penny you spent, as well as cut back in all the right places, but when push came to shove, something always threw you off from being able to stick to your budget long term.

Time to drop your budget like it’s HOT!!!

Move over budgets, it’s time to try something different…………….the “anti-budget”.

Wait, WHAT?!?

You see, in order to effectively manage your finances, tedious tracking of every dollar is not necessary or helpful.

That is not to say that we are ignoring your numbers and having a free for all.

Quite the opposite.

With the anti-budget, we factor in your fixed expenses, your financial obligations and your non-negotiables (things you value and can’t do without…..that’s golf for me!) and then calculate how much you have left to spend GUILT FREE without tracking!!!!!

It’s a simplified process, with magnified results. (Just ask my clients who were able to pay down $40,0000 of debt in 7 months using this process).

Your Choice for 2024

This leaves you with some choices.

Another year of trying out a budget that has already failed you (and the majority of others)?


Flipping the script to find something that has been ultra effective for not only my clients, but also me (BTW, just paid cash for my $30,000 bathroom reno using the anti-budget way).

Itching for more?

The good news is that I am headlining the “Anti-Resolution Workshop” this upcoming December 14th where I will be presenting the details of the “anti-budget” method. I’d love to see you there, ready to conquer 2024 with a fresh tool to tackle your finances.

Let’s transform 2024 into a year of positive change, ensuring that when January 1st, 2025 arrives, you’re not stuck with the same old financial resolutions!

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