My husband and I own two investment properties.

It wasn’t planned, and it wasn’t even on our radar. Here’s how we became accidental property investors and how you can too!

Our First Dive into Investment Property

In 2019, a conversation with my sister changed everything.

She suggested we explore long-term rental investment properties.

I was skeptical about qualifying and the risks involved, but her interest sparked my curiosity.

In no time, we found ourselves in Port Hope, Ontario, eyeing a charming heritage home with three bedrooms and a finished basement.

The icing on the cake? It had a separate one-bedroom granny flat for renting!

After crunching the numbers at a nearby Starbucks, we took the plunge.

My husband, my sister, her husband, and I became proud owners of our first investment property!

And Then Another One?

Our Port Hope rental was working out well, despite some COVID-related uncertainties. It was business as usual until a new opportunity unexpectedly surfaced.

A Vacation Turned Real Estate Goldmine

In the summer of 2021, my husband and I vacationed in Mont Tremblant with my parents.

We fell in love with the place.

Summer in Mont Tremblant felt like a European mountain escape, and the range of outdoor activities was endless.

As a golf enthusiast, I was instantly sold.

The idea of owning a vacation property to rent when we weren’t using it came up. We scheduled showings for six properties and set out on our next property investor adventure.

The first few showings were underwhelming, and we thought our plan would take time. But then, we walked into IT!

I knew instantly that this was the place, and it wasn’t just because it was situated on a golf course.

Even my parents saw the potential.

In the nicest way possible, they threatened to buy it if we didn’t.

The prospect of dealing with their estate’s taxes and other issues prompted us to seize the opportunity.

The Realities of Property Investment

Navigating the world of investment property ownership has been a steep learning curve. Long and short-term rentals have distinct tax and regulatory implications. Our experience has taught us valuable lessons.

That’s why I’m hosting an online workshop,”The Peaks and Pits of Investment Property Ownership,“November 2nd at 7 PM ET.

In this workshop, I’ll delve into the differences between long-term rentals and vacation properties regarding monthly costs, taxation, owner benefits, and managing your personal cash flow.

If property investment has ever piqued your interest, this presentation is amust-attend event.

Register now! (Replay available for registered attendees who can’t make it live, so don’t miss out!)


Angie Ross
Money Coach
Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCFS)

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