With Convocation just around the corner you may be searching for the perfect gift to give the new graduate in your life. What do you buy someone who has spent so much time invested in learning and preparing to take on the world?

There’s one lesson they most likely didn’t get in their studies. It’s a lesson that will matter as much as all the lessons before it. May I suggest that you give them the gift of financial literacy?

Starting a career with knowledge around money will help a new graduate in the following ways:

  • They may be less likely to continue making withdraws from the bank of YOU!
  • Protects their investment in their education
  • Reduces stress around money
  • Life expectancy is increasing people graduating in 2019 will have to support themselves financially for a long time.
  • Financial literacy is as essential a skill as reading or writing
  • Financial literacy is imperative to being an active participant in society
  • It is a gift that will last a lifetime
  • Will help them make better financial choices around earning an income, spending, saving and investing
  • They will have to make money decisions for the rest of their lives
  • Help foster healthy relationships

We have to make financial decisions for the rest of our lives. Why not give someone who is starting out their adult life with the tools to help them succeed.

I have extremely limited space remaining in my Financial Literacy for Grads workshop that’s coming up in May.

Registration opens on April 27th!

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