Let’s be clear: money is an object. A mere tool if you will.

It is neither dead nor alive. It can neither think nor feel.

It does not receive love or love in return.

Yet, we put more thought and action into getting and keeping money than we do for most of our relationships with living, breathing, and loving human beings. ????

But let’s put the notion of money as a mere object aside for the moment.

Imagine with me a world where money was a woman.

The energy surrounding money is never meant to be stagnant. It is meant to be exchanged.

It is an abundant resource available for everyone. But when we interrupt the flow of money and hoard it for our own personal use it can become tainted. One of the natural tendencies for the feminine is flow.

Women instinctively understand the ebb and flow of nature.

Women are excellent at the flow of money which is why 89% of women across the world report controlling or sharing the management of household budgets.*

Women also have a great influence over how the world is shaped because of their enormous buying power. In fact, women are responsible for 85% of consumer spending** which in the US alone counts for $15 trillion annually.

And women vote for a greener planet by choosing sustainable and recycled products 90% more than their male counterparts. Studies show saving the planet is still seen as “women’s work.”***

As consumers you get to vote everyday for the world that you want to live in.

Each time you spend money you say yes to the values of the company you are supporting.

If money was a woman, it would be altruistic.

It would be used to help others instead of being used to oppress. 93% of women give money to charities as opposed to 87% of men.****

In this world where we can sometimes feel helpless, remember that you are not.

Everyday you decide about the world you want to live in by how you spend your money.

If you want a world where women are paid equally, buy from companies that mandate pay equity.

If you want a world where women are leaders, buy from companies that have women in C-Suite positions or on their boards.

If you want a world where the air and water are clean, buy from companies with strong environmental practices.

If you want a world without war, stop buying from companies that uphold patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

The decision is yours, every single day.

So, I challenge you on this International Women’s Day to think of your Money as a Woman.

Imagine what this world could be if it was.

Peace and good financial health,


*Business Insider, **Forbes, ***The Guardian, The eco gender gap: why is saving the planet seen as women’s work?, ****Charitableimpact.com

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