A GPS to Financial Success

Discover the step-by-step system that will help you create a steady, predictable cash flow so you can grow your business – and your profits – with ease.

Imagine this:

Opening your annual business tax bill and feeling giddy about paying it because you already have more than enough saved up, over and above the monthly salary you’ve paid yourself.

Sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be.

There is a proven system that can help you increase your profit, maximize your cash flow and transform your business finances.


a personalized 1:1 coaching program that uses the proven ProfitFirst ™ system

to help you manage your business revenue, expenses, profit, and taxes so you can create the business and life of your dreams.

If you want to:


Take a great salary every month – plus enjoy a quarterly profit bonus (say hello to your shiny new laptop!)


Confidently invest in that expensive-but-worth-it mastermind because you know you have the money for it.


Have total clarity and power over your business finances.

And you are:


A small business owner


3+ years into running a successful (on paper) business


Ready to up-level your business finances and ditch the money stress – but you’re not sure where to start?

Take control of your business finances right now with Money Fix for Business.

You work hard and deserve to treat yourself

“I’m having my first Profit First experience – spending an ENTIRE DAY on ME! Spa hair treatment I always wanted but ‘couldn’t afford’, two new dresses because why not and a pedicure- all because April taught me to accept that I work hard and deserve to embrace the fruits of my labour. I never would have done this (guilt free) even six months ago!!”

Erin Trafford, Digital Producer & Strategist

The Money Fix For Business works like this:



1. Complete Money Fix Pro

To obtain a comprehensive understanding of your business’s financial health, it is essential to take into account your personal household spending. Once you’ve successfully implemented your personal Money Fix Action Plan, we can establish a clear understanding of the income your business must generate to meet your personal objectives.

2. Business Financial Wellness Assessment & Plan Creation

After successfully implementing your Money Fix Action Plan for your personal finances, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business’s financial health. By reverse engineering your revenue goals, we will determine the necessary income to support your personal lifestyle and goals.

Once we’ve determined your magic number, we’ll meet to review the financial health of your business and craft a customized Money Fix Business Plan and Profit First™ Blueprint that aligns with your personal lifestyle and objectives.


3. Implementing the Plan

As a certified Profit First™ Professional, I will guide you in setting up your new business accounts and tailoring the percentage allocations specifically for your needs. Throughout a period of six months, we will have monthly one-on-one meetings where I will personally coach and support you in managing your allocations, making adjustments, and addressing any questions that arise. Additionally, you will have continuous access to me through email and Messenger for ongoing support.

4. Your Personalized Scorecard Success Meeting

We’ll schedule a final meeting to review your success and implement any necessary adjustments. To support your ongoing success, you will receive your Money Fix for Business client binder, essential documents, and your tailored Profit First™ Blueprint.

5. Ongoing Support

If you’re looking for extra support, I provide personalized 1:1 and group Maintenance Money Coaching to ensure you receive full guidance and assistance as you navigate the growth of your business.

At the end of our time together, you will:



Have all the tools you need to effectively manage and expand both your personal and business finances.


Be able to generate monthly profits in your business that allow you to pay yourself and all the bills too.


Have a clear plan in place for your income taxes so you can feel calm and confident when tax season rolls around.


Have complete clarity over your expenses, taxes, and owner’s pay and feel more empowered around your business finances.


Get a full night’s sleep knowing that you’ve got a financial plan that will set you (and your business) up for success.

If you want to feel peace of mind over your business finances, you need a proven process that gives you predictable cash flow and profit.

You need the Money Fix for Business.


April took me from clueless to clarity

“Before working with April, I had no clue about what my numbers were. I spent money, just as randomly as I made money. Now, I have clear direction on what my money goals are, how much I can spend and what I need to save for.

Working with April has made me feel so much more empowered with my money and like I have finally have control (in a good way!). Clarity on your numbers is key to being a successful profitable entrepreneur and April showed me the exact steps to get there.”

Becky Keen – Business Mentor for female entrepreneurs

Let us show you how to calm your money stress and create ease, abundance, and profit in your business today.


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