At Profit Con last year my friend, Mike Michalowicz asked me if I would speak to his community about how I overcame cash flow struggles in business last year.

I immediately tensed up, “No, I don’t want people to know how miserable my business was doing in 2023”.

And then I thought of all the people who helped me last year and how I needed to pay it forward for them and myself and possibly you.

In my episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, I spill the beans about my journey from my worst year to possibly my best year in coaching.

I candidly delve into the challenges I faced, shedding light on the mental health toll on cash flow and self-worth during difficult times.

I discuss the importance of staying the course even when circumstances appear bleak and I even share personal insights on taking my own advice.

I highlight the significance of diversifying income sources and emphasize the commitment to showing up, even on days when motivation is lacking.

I hope my conversation with Mike gives you valuable insights into the strategies l employed to overcome challenges.

In this episode I provide a roadmap to those of you who are navigating your own entrepreneurial journeys.

I hope you see my story as a beacon of hope and that with determination and the right mindset, even the toughest times can lead to unprecedented success in your business.


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