At the end of every quarter, I ask members of my Profit Habit group what they are spending their profit account on.

Shelly sent a picture of her son, Canon next to a giant skeleton. The look on his face really says it all. Canon loves Hallowe’en. Every October he transforms the family home into the “House of Doom.”

Shelly has had to take a step back from her busy sport therapy practice this year to be with Canon. Because of her hard work on organizing her finances in her business she is able to see her own clients when she wants to and on her terms.

The other therapists in her clinic bring in enough to cover all of her expenses and keep her business afloat while she spends time with her son when he needs his momma that most.

​This is the power of having a financial system in place. We can’t predict when life is going to throw us a curve ball but we can prepare for it today by systematically putting aside a portion of your revenue into a separate “profit” business savings account.

Yours in Good Financial Health,



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