“No one has ever shown me how to be good with money, they’ve just criticized me for being bad with it.”

That’s the answer I got when I asked a client to share with me her money truth. There it was, the shame we all feel about money, more succinctly than I had ever heard it before. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “You are so bad with your money.”
  • “You’re how far in debt?”
  • “Nice car, you must be doing well.”

The shame—and shaming—that surrounds money is mind boggling. It’s hard to escape, we’re ashamed to have it and we’re ashamed if we don’t! That’s why one of the most important feature of my program, The Money Fix, is to take the shame away.

So, let’s stop the shaming shall we? Repeat after me …

  1. Money is neither bad nor good. It is a tool that does not define me.
  2. I am willing to step into my money truth by being aware of how I spend my money.
  3. I am willing to align my spending with my goals and values.
  4. I am ready to accept that my money choices of the past cannot be undone.
  5. I understand that the past will not stop me from rewriting my money story in the future.
  6. The pain of my current money situation is worse than the pain required to fix it.

Stop shoulding all over yourself. You are neither bad nor good with your money. Much like sex, we are never taught how to be good at it but we are suppose to just know what to do!

It’s time to ditch the shame and to make the change.

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