Never worry about your taxes again

I have a step-by-step system that will help you create a steady, predictable cash flow
so you can grow your business – and your profits – with ease

Imagine this:

Opening your annual business tax bill
and feeling giddy about paying it

because you already have more than enough saved up, over and above the monthly salary you’ve paid yourself

Sound like a dream?

For many of the female entrepreneurs and small businesses I coach, it’s their reality. And it is for me, too.

But it wasn’t always like this. As a small business owner myself, there was a time when this didn’t seem possible.

When I took over our family’s struggling outdoor apparel business I was the one to manage payroll, cover the business expenses and do the work to bring in the customers and clients (while getting my kids to school, and my parents to their appointments, walk the dog, etc, etc, etc).

I blurred the lines between my business and personal accounts when I dipped into our household savings during lean months. Many times, I didn’t even pay myself – because I never knew where our finances sat.

Like you, I’ve felt the blood drain from my face when I opened a dreaded tax bill (gulp).

As a professional financial advisor and teacher with a commerce degree, I was embarrassed that our business was failing and dragging our family down.

I knew there had to be a better way to manage business cash flow, prepare for tax season, and generate profit in my business.

Then I found the Fix I was looking for. 

It completely turned our business around.

I was able to control our cash flow and make it profitable.

Which made it attractive and lucrative to the new owners who ultimately bought the business from us.

The Money Fix for Business works – and now I want to help other entrepreneurs create ease and profit in their businesses and personal lives.

is a 6 or 12 month coaching program that uses a proven system to manage your revenue, expenses and taxes.

It gives you clarity about how much your business needs to make to generate a profit

– and help you create the life of your dreams

If you want to

✓ Take a great salary every month – plus enjoy a quarterly profit bonus (say hello to your shiny new laptop!)
✓ Confidently invest in that expensive-but-worth-it mastermind because you know you have the money for it
✓ Have total clarity and power over your business finances

and you are:

✓ A female entrepreneur or small business owner
✓ 3+ years into running a successful (on paper) business
✓ Ready to up-level your business, but unclear how to price your services and packages to be sustainable for you and your family

You need the Money Fix for Business


You work hard and deserve to treat yourself

“I’m having my first Profit First experience – spending an ENTIRE DAY on ME!

Spa hair treatment I always wanted but ‘couldn’t afford’, two new dresses because why not and a pedicure- all because April taught me to accept that I work hard and deserve to embrace the fruits of my labour.

I never would have done this (guilt free) even six months ago!!”

Erin Trafford, Digital Producer & Strategist

The Money Fix for Business sets you up for success in these 4 phases:

1. Complete Money Fix Pro

I can’t create a solid picture of your business’ financial wellbeing, without considering your personal household spending.

Once you’ve successfully implemented your personal Money Fix Action Plan, we have clarity about the revenue your business needs to make to support your personal goals.

Only then can we properly assess and manage your business’s revenue and expenses.

2. Your Money Fix Business Plan 

After we complete an assessment of your  business’s financial health we develop your Money Fix Business Plan.

Your plan is based on Profit First,™ a proven system that helps you manage your revenue, expenses, owner’s pay and taxes. It also allows you to take a profit allocation every month, rather than once a year (or never).

3. Working the Plan

As a certified Profit First Professional, I teach you how to set up your new business accounts and customize the percent allocations for you.

When you’re first getting started with Profit First ™ it can be a little confusing – and maybe your cash flow and clients aren’t as stable as you’d like.

That’s why over the next 3 months, I personally coach and support you with your allocations and decision-making.

We’re setting your business up for success — and I walk you through it from start to finish profit.

4. On-going Support

You’ll feel fully supported throughout your 6 or 12 month Money Fix for Business journey.

You get:

  • 3 deep-dive audit and strategy sessions (in person or video call)
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching calls
  • Customized business plan and tracking system
  • Accountability coaching
  • Access to a private Facebook group of people at different stages of their Money Fix journey
  • Email and messenger support

April took me from clueless to clarity

Before working with April, I had no clue about what my numbers were. I spent money, just as randomly as I made money. Now, I have clear direction on what my money goals are, how much I can spend and what I need to save for.

Working with April has made me feel so much more empowered with my money and like I have finally have control (in a good way!). Clarity on your numbers is key to being a successful profitable entrepreneur and April showed me the exact steps to get there.

Becky Keen – Business Mentor for female entrepreneurs