November is Financial Literacy Month!

November is an excellent time to prioritize and enhance your financial well-being, especially with the holidays and new year approaching.

Throughout the month we are going to be giving you tools to improve your relationship with money as it pertains to the four pillars of Financial Well-being —your earnings, why you spend, what you save, and how you invest.

These four pillars are like the building blocks of your money life. If one of these blocks isn’t strong, it might make the others wobble. For example, if you owe too much money, it could stop you from saving or investing. And not having enough saved up might make you borrow money and get into debt.

But here’s the important part: it’s not just about how much money you have, it’s also about the things you do with your money. Your money behaviours!

To be healthy with your finances, it’s important to understand your Money Behaviour Profile or how your actions with money affect the four pillars. This is super important because when you understand your money behaviour profile, you can make better choices about your financial wellbeing.

To kick off Financial Literacy month and get you on the path to financial well-being we have created a quiz for you to identify your money behaviour profile.

Your Money Behaviour Profile represents how you react, think and feel about money and has a direct impact on these four foundational pillars.

Take the quiz to find out which Money Behaviour Profile you are!

Here’s to a month of learning, reflection, and action towards a financially healthier and empowered future.

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