I was just handed the largest income tax bill of my career and I could not be happier about it.

What I owe in taxes is my companies greatest KPI (Key Performance Indicator). The number tells me that my business was profitable. Simply put, I made more money than I spent. I used my assets efficiently and my expense management was in check. I also paid myself an above market-based wage, took a dividend and best of all, I have the moola in the bank to pay the tax bill.

Believe me, I didn’t always feel this way around tax time. There were plenty of years in my family business when I did not owe taxes because – well, my business spent more money than it made. It wasn’t profitable. I had bought into the notion that profit was an afterthought, an event. I believed that “spending” my way out of paying taxes was a solid strategy.

In the years when I did have to pay into taxes, I didn’t have it. The money had disappeared into the operations of the business. Seeing the number on the financial statements meant little as I promised myself month-after-month that I would “pay it back”. I never could. I was caught in the survival trap.

Since I have been running Profit First in my business, I have a system that determines my prices based on profitability, keeps my expenses on par with my growth and helps me celebrate at tax time instead of being a nervous wreck!

So, this year I am celebrating the month of April not only because it is my birth month but because I get to pay a poop-ton* of taxes at the end of it. I am grateful that my business helped guide others to prosperity while being prosperous itself. I am thankful to be able to give back to my country and to others in need by paying my taxes. Business can be a force for good and make money at the same time even during a pandemic.

I’m also celebrating April by launching Profit in Practice, a course that I developed to help business owners that are:

  1. ready to find their financial why,
  2. done with not paying themselves, and
  3. tired of being caught off guard (again!) by tax season

If that sounds like you, please join me and other like-minded entrepreneurs that are ready to make their businesses work for them instead of the other way around. Doors are now open to register for Profit in Practice — class starts April 20th. Check out the link for more details.

Yours in good financial health,


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