Personal Finance

Get more life from your money.

Whether it’s paying down debt, creating a sustainable spending plan, or funding renovations or vacations, we help you make it all possible.

Having a plan for your personal finances is essential to achieving financial security and stability.

But more importantly, a solid financial plan helps you to feel more confident and empowered with your finances so you can use your money to create more joy and memories with the people you love.

Meet Your Money Coaches – April & Angie

Meet Angie Ross

Angie Ross is a Money Coach and Cash Flow Planning Specialist for your Personal Finances.

Angie has been spreading her expertise passionately as a financial educator for the past 17 years. She is an absolute whiz when it comes to helping you achieve your financial dreams without painful “budgeting.”

Meet April Stroink

For over 25 years, April has been helping individuals and small business owners increase their profit, optimize cash flow, and achieve financial calm so they can create the life and business of their dreams. She strongly believes that you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle for your business and that your business should work for you…not the other way around.

The Process

The Money Fix Pro

A Proprietary Coaching Program

Created by April Stroink by combining her over 25 years of experience as a trusted financial advisor and business trainer with her tried-and-tested tools .

The Money Fix Pro is a done-for-you, one-on-one coaching program to help you build your savings, decrease debt and build a financial safety net.

This is best for individuals and families who’ve “tried everything” and are ready to work with — and follow the advice of — an expert.

The Process

The Money Clinic

Ditch the Stress and Build a Better Relationship with Your Money

DIY online program to help you understand your cash flow and develop a road map to financial wellness. This is best for new grads and millennials who want to set themselves up for a strong financial future.

Coaching Programs starting at $497 (plus applicable taxes).

April has been a lifesaver for my family. I’m a single mom with 2 teenagers. With April’s guidance I’m in control now. We spend less and we feel like we have more.
It’s an investment that pays for itself.

~ Kim Gilfoy, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Angie has been our money coach for five weeks now, and not to be cliche, but it has really changed our lives. For years, we’ve ‘thought’ we were spending fairly wisely, but didn’t realize how renegade some of our spending got, and we slowly increased our debt.

Along came Angie. She was able to help create a very simple plan to manage our budgeting. We are a family of four with busy lives, and Angie totally gets that. She makes things simple and our money management doesn’t eat into our personal time. She also talks in simple, no-nonsense terms, and with a very good sense of humour, I might add.

Angie is the person that you sort of didn’t know you needed but were glad she was there when she helped.

~ Mark S.

I feel like my relationship with money has fundamentally changed for the better, and my anxiety around it has been reduced 10-fold.

~ Joel Kelly

Working with Angie and the Money Fix Pro has been life-changing! First of all, Angie is so knowledgeable and makes this process seamless, uncomplicated and fun! Right from day one she put us at ease with her quick wit and empathetic approach to our finances.

After only 4 weeks of working with Angie, we have become so much more conscious of our spending. We have been able to pay off some debt already!

~ Past Client

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