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Kim Gilfoy
Halifax, Nova Scotia

An investment that pays for itself.

“April has been a lifesaver for my family. I’m a single mom with 2 teenagers. With April’s guidance I’m in control now. We spend less and we feel like we have more. It’s an investment that pays for itself.” 

April took me from clueless to clarity.

“Before working with April, I had no clue about what my numbers were. I spent money, just as randomly as I made money. Now, I have clear direction on what my money goals are, how much I can spend and what I need to save for.

Working with April has made me feel so much more empowered with my money and like I have finally have control (in a good way!). Clarity on your numbers is key to being a successful profitable entrepreneur and April showed me the exact steps to get there.”

Becky Keen
Business Mentor for female entrepreneurs

Daniel Basquill
Manager, School of Trades and Transportation at NSCC

A smarter, less stressful way of managing money.

“I used to take pride in managing household spending. I tracked every cent that went through our bank accounts to ensure we stayed in budget. To me, that meant power and control over money.

Since working with April, I’ve learned there’s a smarter, less stressful way to see money. Micromanaging my spending doesn’t need to be a day to day reality!
It’s a welcome relief.”

April is a compassionate coach — no regrets about working with her.

“April Stroink delivers her message in a no-nonsense yet highly compassionate, understanding way. Most of us can be sensitive about money and what we use it for. I am one of those people, and it took a lot for me to open up my entire financial life and background to her.

But once I got going, I immediately had no regrets.”


Jillian Kean
McInnes Cooper

Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Hiring April and implementing the Profit First system in my business has completely changed how I view the financial side of my business.

“Now, I have a set monthly budget for expenses and professional development, I’m leaving money in my business for the first time in 12 years of practice, and I have a reserve to pay myself so going on vacation doesn’t mess up my cash flow. But most of all, working with April has allowed me to finally fully step into my role of being a business owner who knows and understands her numbers.”

April has such a different strategy for supporting Health Practitioners (especially women) when it comes to money. 

“She employs tactics that acknowledge and tap into how our behaviour and money beliefs impact our financial decisions and choices. 

She also wants to know how YOUR story affects how you make those decisions, and can teach you exactly how to take control of your own financial future — and financial health is deeply connected to your overall health & wellness.”

Dr. Jordan Robertson, ND
CEO of the Confident Clinician

Erin Trafford
Digital Producer & Strategist

You work hard and deserve to treat yourself.

“I’m having my first Profit First experience — spending an ENTIRE DAY on ME!  Spa hair treatment I always wanted but ‘couldn’t afford’, two new dresses because why not and a pedicure — all because April taught me to accept that I work hard and deserve to embrace the fruits of my labour.

I never would have done this (guilt free) even six months ago!!”

Working with Angie and the Money Fix Pro has been life-changing!

“First of all, Angie is so knowledgeable and makes this process seamless, uncomplicated and fun! Right from day one she put us at ease with her quick wit and empathetic approach to our finances.

After only 4 weeks of working with Angie, we have become so much more conscious of our spending. We have been able to pay off some debt already!”


Past Client

Mark S.

Angie is the person that you sort of didn’t know you needed but were glad she was there when she helped.

“Angie has been our money coach for five weeks now, and not to be cliche, but it has really changed our lives. For years, we’ve ‘thought’ we were spending fairly wisely, but didn’t realize how renegade some of our spending got, and we slowly increased our debt.

Along came Angie. She was able to help create a very simple plan to manage our budgeting. We are a family of four with busy lives, and Angie totally gets that. She makes things simple and our money management doesn’t eat into our personal time. She also talks in simple, no-nonsense terms, and with a very good sense of humour, I might add.”

Angie has been amazing to work with during the program.

“She tailored the program based on my situation and goals. I have learned so much in such a short time with her. I feel so confident in my money management going forward. I highly recommend Angie and the program!”



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