Not to brag, but I am wealthy.

Last week I was reminded of how prosperous my life is when all my besties flew from across the country to celebrate my birthday with me.

We did all my favourite things: karaoke, dancing, hiking, picnicking on the beach, more dancing, playing games, eating great food and lots of deep belly, pee in your pants laughing.

At one point my husband, Joachim turned to me and said, “My cup is overflowing.”

To which I replied, “Babe, we are rich.”

You see there are a lot of myths about what being wealthy means. I see it every day.

Undue pressure being put on people to be something they are not. Spending money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like to live a lifestyle that doesn’t resonate.

No wonder money stress is so prevalent in our society we have lost touch with what being wealthy really means!

Wealth is subjective, .

Here’s what I perceive as wealth:

💎Good friends I can count on in the good and the bad.
💎A healthy body that can hike for hours on end.
💎Nourishing food on my table or picnic blanket 😂
💎and board games –lots and lots of board games.

Well, that might not be your idea of wealth and that’s ok.  It isn’t my place to judge your version or pressure you to conform to mine. You be you boo!

I am, however, asking you to become aware of what wealth and financial fulfilment means to you.

You see, I have been asking that question to hundreds of people for over 25 years and not once has anyone answered with “ a fancy car in the driveway and a 10,000 square foot home.”

Not once.

What they have told me in one version or another is that financial freedom, wealth, prosperity, fulfilment, call it what you like, is the ability to do the things they want, when they want to do them, with the people they love for as long as they want.  

Yes, this takes money but usually not as much as you think!

So what is your definition of wealth, ?

What does prosperity or financial fulfilment mean to you?

Since I am feeling so wealthy and it is my 50th birthday month, I am giving you a gift… 50% off  The Money Clinic.

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You’re welcome!

Much love and gratitude to all of you have reached out to wish me a happy birthday. I love this community of conscious financial crusaders!

Yours in Good financial health,


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PSS. If you haven’t called a good friend in a while, pick up the phone and do so. I just know you will feel wealthy after you do 🙂

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