Congratulations graduate! Years of lectures, parties, exams, papers, and all-nighters have paid off.

But now, it’s time for the real world. You might be a little stressed. You’re likely thinking about a pile of debt and wondering how to get your start. Not to add fuel to the flames, but today’s financial choices will have an impact on your life for years to come.

Are you feeling ready for the next stage in you life? Are you ready to start . . . Adulting?! Trust me, it’s not as scary as it seems and if you get off on the right foot, you’ll be happy when you look back. You’ve probably noticed there’s one course that you weren’t offered: Financial Literacy 101.

If you’re stressing about debt and worried about earning an income then you need to stop everything and take some advice. Don’t let stress and worry make your financial decisions for you.

Join me for my two-day intensive Financial Literacy for Grads. In just a few hours over two days, you’ll learn things you didn’t know you had to.

You’ll walk away with a plan. Seriously. A plan. You will walk away with a plan to reduce debt, start saving, and a plan that will let you spend your money without guilt.

With your newfound independence and freedom come many financial decisions. Are you planning to further your studies or find employment? Will you start your own business? How will you pay for everything? What about your student loan?

In the modern world, sound financial literacy is as important as reading or writing. You are entering a world of complex financial products and services. You have technology at your fingertips that makes spending easier than ever.

How will you navigate your financial future?

The five financial principles that you need to educate yourself on are:

  1. Earning an income – what is my take home pay after deductions and how can I maximize my income?
  2. Spending – where do I spend my money and does it align with my values and goals? What can I afford and do I spend consciously?
  3. Saving – what is my saving strategy, how much of my income should I be saving?
  4. Using credit – how to I use credit effectively and what is my credit score?
  5. Investing – what are my options for investing and how should I invest my money?

Financial literacy matters because your choices today have the potential to reverberate far into your future. You will never stop making decisions with your money, so it’s important to be educated so you can make good ones.

Fill in the form below to register today. This two-day workshop is only $197 + HST and there are only a few seats left. Everything you need—right down to the pen—is provided. It is happening on May 22nd & 29th at 6:30pm on Quinpool. Register now, I’ll send you the details.

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